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  • Quiz night and Fish and Chip supper Sacred Heart and St Gilbert’s, Bourne on March 3rd 2017. Tickets for sale after Mass.

Amoris Laetitia: On Love in the Family

It is not by chance that Amoris Laetitia (AL), “The Joy of Love”, the post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation “on Love in the Family”, was signed on 19 March, the Solemnity of Saint Joseph....

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Please pray for the sick

Especially Margaret Kline, Martin Dowse, Brian Davies, Chris, Janet Shield, Marie Lourdes Lina Saintas, Adrian Howarth, Verity Elliott, Father Dakwan (Father’s father), Joe Blacoe, Dorothy Sterry-Blunt, Pauline Smith, Robert Carter and all those who do not wish to be named here. 

Mary, Mother of God

In the narrative of the Annunciation we see how the Virgin Mary welcomes God’s mercy, which brings her out of herself and leads her toward new paths. It shows to us the importance of making ourselves available, so that our hearts and our whole being are ready to welcome God when he enters into our lives. When we see how this astonishing encounter be-tween Mary and the Archangel Gabriel unfolds, we understand better what prayer is. Perhaps the most beautiful thing is to see how the Holy Virgin uses the same words that God just addressed to her through the Angel. When we hear her exclaim “Be-hold the handmaid of the Lord. Let everything be done for me according to your word” How wonderful is God’s mercy at work in our lives!

Community Passion Play

Deeping Churches To-gether will be putting on a Passion Play on Holy Saturday, April 15. A play reading and audition for actors will take place on Sun-day, January 29th at 2pm at the Deeping Methodist church. If you are inter-ested (in acting, backstage, publicity etc) please come along to the meeting. Please tell anyone you think may be interested, whether or not they attend church, as it is a community Passion Play and the aim is to disseminate the story of Jesus as widely as we can among the local community. There are 9 main characters in the play and a number of others with a few lines to learn. Please see the notice boards for further information.

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  • As one parish, united in the Love that flows from the Trinity, the Family of Bourne and Deeping Parish is committed to the Mission of Christ of making disciples and welcoming of all people to the Church.


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