Confirmation Classes

Classes will begin after half term on Thursday 2nd November 2017 in Bourne. All candidates should bring writing materials and a folder to hold any work, any other questions please email Diana Smith on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Safeguarding rep. required for Bourne.

Angela Deasy is retiring from the role of Parish Safeguarding Representative, we are looking for someone to take over from her as soon as possible. Please ring Fr Victor or Angela if interested.


Deeping Churches Together  

Deeping Churches Together is planning on having a stall at the Christmas Market on Sunday 26th November from 10 till 4pm. Can anyone spare an hour during these times to man the stall? Help will also be needed setting up and taking down the stall. If you can help in any way or have any suggestions please e-mail the co-ordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone/text 07900585073 (or your churches together representative Kay Martin.)

Fund Raising

Fund Raising Meeting held on Tuesday 14th November  All parishioners are urged to find the time to attend the next meeting which will be held on Tuesday, 14 November at 7pm in the parish meeting room  at Bourne.  

In order to move forward, we cordially invite you to come along with fresh ideas as to how we can enhance parish finances.

Please pray for the sick

Margaret Kline, Martin Dowse, Brian Davies, Chris, Adrian Howarth, Verity Elliott, Father Dakwan (Father’s father), Pauline Smith, Mr Thomas, Sylvia Fleming, Helene Currell, Anne Bostock, Terry Westwood, Robert Carter,  Matthew Gallagher and Joyce Willis.

Mary, Mother of God

In the narrative of the Annunciation we see how the Virgin Mary welcomes God’s mercy, which brings her out of herself and leads her toward new paths. It shows to us the importance of making ourselves available, so that our hearts and our whole being are ready to welcome God when he enters into our lives. When we see how this astonishing encounter between Mary and the Archangel Gabriel unfolds, we understand better what prayer is. Perhaps the most beautiful thing is to see how the Holy Virgin uses the same words that God just addressed to her through the Angel. When we hear her exclaim “Be-hold the handmaid of the Lord. Let everything be done for me according to your word” How wonderful is God’s mercy at work in our lives!

Work for your Parish, Work for God!

Help is needed in the following areas.

  • Flower arrangers in Bourne Church.
  • Cleaners in both Bourne and Deeping Churches.
  • People to help with the Children’s Liturgy in both Bourne and Deeping. NB it is not a necessity to have children of your own before you undertake this role.
  • Urgently needed an organist for Deeping Church. If you are a pianist who is hiding your light under a bushel, why not let it out to enlighten the whole world!!!

If you can help with any of these tasks please inform Fr Victor and he will put you in touch with the relevant group leader (make sure Fr Victor writes your name & telephone number down !!!!) Also you will be abundantly blessed by God! 

St Vincent de Paul was born at Pouy, Gascony, France, in 1580, Born of a peasant family. Ordained in 1600 he remained at Toulouse or in its vicinity acting as tutor while continuing his own studies. Brought to Marseilles for an inheritance, he was returning by sea in 1605 when Turkish pirates captured him and took him to Tunis. He was sold as a slave, but escaped in 1607 with his master, a renegade whom he converted. On returning to France he went to Avignon to the papal vice-legate, whom he followed to Rome to continue his studies. He was sent back to France in 1609, He became the spiritual director of Mme de Gondi. With her assistance he began giving missions on her estates; Nearly everywhere after each of these missions, a conference of charity was founded for the relief of the poor, notably at Joigny, Châlons, Mâcon, Trévoux, where they lasted until the Revolution.                                        After the poor of the country, Vincent's solicitude was directed towards the convicts in the galleys. Before being convoyed aboard the galleys or when illness compelled them to disembark, the condemned convicts were crowded with chains on their legs onto damp dungeons, their only food being black bread and water, while they were covered with vermin and ulcers. Their moral state was still more frightful than their physical misery. He won their hearts, converted many of them.   Vincent de Paul established the Daughters of Charity. Vincent conceived the idea of enlisting good 

young women for the service of the poor. Vincent's zeal and charity went beyond the boundaries of France. As early as 1638 he commissioned his priests to preach to the shepherds of the Roman Campagna; He sent others to Ireland,    Scotland, the Hebrides, Poland, and Madagascar (1648-60). Of all the works carried on abroad none perhaps interested him so much as the poor slaves of   Barbary, whose lot he had once shared. . His zeal for souls knew no limit; all occasions were to him opportunities to exercise it. When he died in1660 the poor of Paris lost their best friend and humanity a benefactor unsurpassed in modern times. On 13 August, 1729, Vincent was  declared Blessed by Benedict XIII, and canonized by Clement XII on 16 June, 1737.