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  • 2017 First Holy Communion

2016 International Evening

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Supporting Bosnia

From April 2000 when they made their first visit to Medjugorje, Deacon Joe and Felicity have been supporting refugees in Bosnia.  These people were ethnically-cleansed during the War in the former Yugoslavia 1992-5.  That is now such a long time ago yet there are still thousands of desperately poor refugees all over Bosnia, stranded hundreds of miles from where they originally came from, living in dire situations and yet still too afraid to go back and reclaim their homes.  Now, some 12 years on from that first visit, with Deacon Joe having survived several life-threatening illnesses, one of them actually in Bosnia in May 2009, even though they have not been back since, they have daily contact with people there and are aware of how terrible things still are for so many and they are still trying to help. Many houses have been built by ‘Housing Aid Bosnia’ (Sr Josephine with Joe and Felicity) and ‘Aid2Bosnia’ (Joe and Felicity) and other charities from outside Bosnia, and the house for Slavica and Denis, in 2000, was paid for entirely by our Bourne and Deeping Churches.  The house that Vinko built for Nensi and their little son, Emanuel was built from 2005 taking approximately 3 years, with no outside workers, just Vinko and AID2BOSNIA and supporters who bought the materials.  A complete update of the current situation with up-to-date pictures of the state of the camp, can be seen on the website:  www.aid2bosnia.org