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  • Christmas 2016
  • 2017 First Holy Communion
  • Boxing Day 2016 Alter Servers Mass.
  • Bourne Children's Mass 2016
  • 2017 First Holy Communion

2016 International Evening

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2012-09-23 Confirmation and Events

PPC Meetings
Thursday 13th December 2012, in Market Deeping
Thursday 14th March 2013, in Bourne
Thursday 13th June 2013, in Market Deeping
Thursday 12th September 2013 , in Bourne
Thursday 12th December 2013, in Market Deeping
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Confirmation Classes
All who are interested in being confirmed next year need to complete the attached  pdfFORM and send it to Father Clem asap.

Forthcoming events

Harvest Lunch - Sunday October 14th – 12.30 for 1.00 pm, Tickets available next week – prices to follow. Come and enjoy a tasty home made lunch in good company while supporting our Parish community.

Christmas Grand Coffee Morning and Bazaar on Saturday 17th November.

Bishop’s visit to consecrate our church Saturday 8th December, 12pm at Bourne More to follow.......! The Catholic Church in Bourne after the reformation was formally acknowledged in 1950 by Bishop Ellis. Prior to 1950, the few Bourne Parishioners had to travel to Deeping for Mass. However, when arranged and if the priest was available, house Masses were celebrated in Bourne as well as in hired places especially at the Co-op Hall in North Street. By 1950 the Altar Society was able to obtain a post-war hut at the cost of £100. A small piece of land was bought in Exeter street on which to place the hut. The plot was purchased at a cost of £100. This temporary church was to remain our spiritual home until the permanent church was built. It’s worthy to note that the main founders of this Church were devout ladies operating as the Altar Society: Mrs. Appleyard, Mrs Mary Scotney, Mrs. Margaret Sarll, Mrs. Edith Orbell, Miss Olive Scotney, Mrs. Nellie McLean, Mrs Josie Kettle, Mrs. Winnie Cunnington, Mrs. Connie Jordan, Mrs Gladys Cuffe, Mrs. Hemsill, Mrs. B. Chubbuc and others. Obviously, their families and friends would have given them all sorts of help and support. The Church was always called The Sacred Heart Catholic Church. With the feast of Dedication coming soon on 26th November at Bourne at 7pm, let us prepare to celebrate “Our Catholic Memory” with faith and gratitude. More to follow.......!