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Retired Priests - Methods of Giving


Methods of giving - Questions and Answers

  1. One person in my parish already gives by standing order to the Sick and Retired Priests Fund. Can this sum be counted into our appeal totals?

    The calculation of the £5 million needed took into account the current standing orders to the fund and therefore the sums we need to raise are in addition to what is already received. Also, the information that the diocese keeps about such regular donors does not include the names of the parishes, so it would not be possible to do this economically anyway.

    It is very important to recognise and thank someone if they say they already give, as these sums are extremely valuable in the long term. What they want to do in relation to this appeal will vary from person to person. Some may want to give a lump sum donation, in addition to what they already do. Some may feel that they are already doing their bit. Some may want to give an additional four year pledge. Whatever the position, it is vital that they know their long term support is appreciated.

  2. Why could we not just have a special collection at Mass one Sunday?

    Because this will not raise the sort of sums needed for this appeal to be a success. Our plan is a step by step but concerted approach,

    Step 1 Personalised invitations to presentations and personalised packs
    Step 2 More general presentation of the needs, showing of video and distribution of packs
    Step 3
    Writing to all those who haven’t had a chance yet to contribute
    Step 4 Fundraising events

  3. Not many people attended the presentations in our parish. How can we make sure others get a chance to give to the appeal?

    It is likely that those who have personally been invited to and attended a presentation will give more than those who are approached in other ways and this is why we suggest reminders in parish newsletters to encourage people to come. The more personal the approach, the more money tends to be raised. One Parish Representative was disappointed because only 22 people in all had attended presentations. When he found


out that 12 of those who had attended had since contributed over £19,000 he was greatly encouraged.

But we are suggesting a number of ways of reaching those who don’t attend and our aim is that all who attend mass should have the chance to give. It is likely they will give at lower levels than those who attend presentations, but they should be given the chance to understand what is needed and to respond. Some parishes are running a second series of presentations, following the first. Others have suggested (and we agree that this will be useful) showing the video after Mass one Sunday and having un- named packs available for those who weren’t able to come to a presentation. Alternatively we can post packs to those who weren’t able to come, with a covering letter and a suggestion that people watch the video online. Let us know how you would like to do this.

  1. Is it possible to have envelopes for those who like to give what they can when they can?

    We will be producing these envelopes (with a gift aid declaration, although those ineligible for Gift Aid should not fill this in) for the later stages of the Appeal, although you should be aware that this will create additional work for the parish, as we will ask you to open the envelopes, count, schedule and then bank the amount, then forward any gift aid envelopes to the Diocese to enable the gift aid to be claimed.

  2. One of the parishioners has asked if she might make a legacy to the Appeal. Is this possible?
    As the appeal is time limited, any legacy should be made out to the Sick and Retired Priests Fund. The wording should be as follows:

    I GIVE free of tax the sum of *** to NOTTINGHAM SICK AND RETIRED PRIESTS FUND (Registered Charity Number 510119) of Willson House, 25 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5AW, AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the Administrator or other proper officer for the time being of the said charity shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees.

    We will not include any such sum in totals raised, within the legator’s lifetime.

  3. We have finished our appeals for donations and think every parishioner has had a chance to hear what is needed and make a pledge or gift. We now want to start doing some fundraising events. What should we do and how should we pay money in?

    This is a great way to get everyone in the parish involved, young and old. We are currently preparing a fundraising pack to assist parishes. This will be available to parishes once they have fully completed their appeal for pledges. It will include referenced paying in slips so that we can make sure any sums you pay in will be attributed to the right parish. Additionally we will ask you to send a copy of the paying in slip direct to the appeal office so that we can check it is being allocated properly. It will also have a form that we would ask you to send us whenever an event has been completed. This information will be very useful in helping us to publicise what you have done. Photos would be great too!