• 20161226 115327 b
  • Christmas 2016
  • Boxing Day 2016 Alter Servers Mass.
  • Bourne Children's Mass 2016

Father Clem

Message from Fr. Clem

Thank you ever so much for such a Perfect Celebration that made me completely happy
and full of everything I will ever need. It was truly a most memorable event in my life. 
You made me feel very special and I truly felt perfectly loved. This blessing and love will
keep me going for many years to come. With your love and support, I am truly a happy priest
and I feel my vocation has a meaning. I told my mum that I have just gone through
one of the happiest moments in my life during/after the farewell celebrations in Bourne and Deeping.
She keep quiet for a minute and asked me never to forget to thank God for you and to pray for you always.
My mum sends her heartfelt gratitude and prayers to everyone.