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  • Christmas 2016
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Christmas Message 2015


My dear wonderful people of Bourne and Deeping St James,

It is just a short time that I have been here, but I feel so at home it is as if it's been ages since I moved to Bourne. Thanks for making me welcome and helping me to settle down quickly. As Christmas is that time of year we think of God's goodness and love to the whole of humanity. It is also wonderful to say thank you to all who, through them, we see God's goodness in the Parish; I say thank you to all those who have given a lot of their time to the service of our Church and our community: The Altar servers, the Parish Pastoral Council, the Finance Committee, the choirs, the organists, the Action Group, the counters, the Flower Group, the Eucharistic Ministers, the sacristans, the readers, the organisers of the children's liturgy, the gardeners and cleaners and especially Angela Deasy who has been so dedicated in making sure that our newsletter is not just available but also ready on time and all of you who have given your extra time in this busy world to the service of the Church. May God bless you and reward you this Christmas and grant you renewed strength in the New Year.

However, although I have been here just a short time, I shall be away for the whole month. I have not seen my parents for a long time now and my Dad has been very poorly health wise. So I am travelling to Nigeria and to my village to be with my family, a journey which will take me three days. Please keep me in your prayers, as I will always pray for you. Pray for me especially, as you know there is a lot of trouble in Nigeria in recent times. Pray that the Lord will keep me safe.

Also remember Fr Clement, your former Parish Priest in your prayers and please do send cards to wish him a Happy Christmas as I myself have received a lot of prayers and greetings from the people of Mansfield.

When I go Fr Pat will be supplying for me until I come back. Thanks to him for making himself available and making it possible for me to travel. Do contact him on 01778 570026 for funerals. Contact Angela on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Mass bookings and Newsletter Items and contact Tim Howe on 07734464544, Sheila (Bourne) on 01778 423468 or Barbi (Deeping) on 01778 345090 in case of any emergencies relating to the liturgy.

Once again, thank you for your welcoming and generous hearts towards me. From the bottom of my heart I pray and bless you all.

Father Victor