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Latest News 2016-07-03

Projects in and around the Parish.

You may have noticed some of the projects being undertaken in and around both of our Churches – The new organ in Bourne, car park resurfacing in Bourne and the tree trimming in Deeping which have been completed. So I wish to say a big thank you to all of you for  your financial support, which is invaluable. May God richly bless you.

However, there are still other major projects to be carried out; especially the public address systems in both Churches (for which we have received a quote of £15,268.52 ) The Strawberry Fayre proceeds will go toward this, but we need to raise the rest, there  will be further appeals in this regard, please continue to help and please support the Parish Barbeque!

The Parish Barbecue will take place on July 3rd from 1pm  in the Presbytery garden in Bourne. Please make a space in your diary. Tickets :- £7.50 adults,

£20 Family ticket (2adults 2 children over 10), Children under 10 free) Proceeds will also go towards the cost of  the new public address systems for both churches.

Tickets for sale after all Masses, if there is no one selling tickets and you wish to buy one, please ask a responsible parishioner.

Carers’ Sitter Service – Registered Charity No. 1040408.

Treasurer required on voluntary basis.

For details contact The Administrator – Wake House, Bourne.

Telephone no. 01778 420257

Next week’s second collection is for the Apostleship of the Sea.



This is an agency of the Catholic Church. It is also sometimes known as Stella Maris (Star of the Sea), and its patron is Our Lady, Star of the Sea. Founded in Glasgow, Scotland in 1922, it provides pastoral care to seafarers through chaplaincies in ports in all continents of the world.

Life at sea means long periods of separation from family and community  Globalisation has meant fierce competition, low wages and in some cases harsh working conditions. Apostleship of the Sea, through its chaplains and seafarers centres, works in solidarity with all those whose lives depend on the sea offering them hospitality and pastoral care. When a ship enters a port in any country, the Captain may be obliged to allow inspectors from the national maritime authority to come on board. If the inspectors feel that the ship does not meet international health and safety regulations, they can put it under arrest. The ship may not leave the port until the situation is rectified. In these circumstances, unscrupulous owners, protected by anonymity, refuse to take responsibility and abandon their ships. For the seafarers, abandonment in port is a disaster. Without money to pay the costs of returning home, they find themselves detained in countries where they have no rights to work or receive welfare benefits. There are also cases of individual seafarers being abandoned in port because they are ill or have complained about conditions. They may have to rely on welfare organisations, such as A.O.S, for food and support, sometimes for months at a time.