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2012-06-19 Martin & Terry's Visit to Farther Clem's Village

Martin McKenna's Vist to Fr. Clem's Village My visit to Kenya was fantastic: the cradle of mankind. God and Christ are in every aspect of life. At my first coffee break, as I was about to put my lips to the cup, a tribal elder started to pray thanking God for the drink. This continued with every meeting and every meal. There must be 101 denominations of Christianity: four or five wayside huts in every village. I was obese compared with all the people I met but they all insisted on feeding me saying I may not eat tomorrow. What a humbling experience! Despite the poverty, I was so touched by the generosity and humility of the people that I would not dare tell them how privileged we are in the UK - while large parts of the world starve, we enjoy our daily TV cookery programmes. The school had no electricity, no running water, no clocks to tell the time (told by the Sun) and yet the pupils and teachers were very dedicated and thanking God for all they have got. We took clothes for the orphans, started desk-building and feeding programmes. Please come to hear the full story with photos of the wonderful people we met at 7pm Wednesday 20th of June, Bourne.