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  • 2017 First Holy Communion

2016 International Evening

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Latest News 2017-05-29

Message from Father Clem

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting and sponsoring Fr. Clement’s charity walk for our Retired Priests Fund. An incredi-ble £5781.60 has been raised so far and this includes my personal donation of £250 - for Pho-tos: www.saintgregorysileby.org The walkers came from Syston and Sileby parishes. There were also a few walkers related to members of our parish including Fr. Clem’s friends from his previous Bourne and Deeping Parish of. My Parishioners and Friends numbering not less than 200 sponsored me with their donations. The walk started in rain but the Good Lord blessed us with beautiful sunny weather after about 15 minutes! The ma-jority of walkers took the 5-mile route while six people including Fr. Clement and Anna Muggleton took the longer route of 15 miles. I felt very happy and sup-ported and I shall treasure this walk as one of my most memorable events! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You all have been very kind & generous to me.

Father Pat is holding an exhibition of his paintings on May 19th from 6-9pm at Sacred Heart and St Gilbert’s, Bourne.

The Polish Choir will provide a musical interlude. Any donations of  cheese and wine appretiated!. Entrance £3.00.

Please pray for the sick

Especially Margaret Kline, Martin Dowse, Brian Davies, Chris, Janet Shield, Marie Lourdes Lina Saintas, Adrian Howarth, Verity Elliott, Father Dakwan (Father’s father), Joe Blacoe, Dorothy Sterry-Blunt, Pauline Smith, Robert Carter and all those who do not wish to be named here. 

Mary, Mother of God

In the narrative of the Annunciation we see how the Virgin Mary welcomes God’s mercy, which brings her out of herself and leads her toward new paths. It shows to us the importance of making ourselves available, so that our hearts and our whole being are ready to welcome God when he enters into our lives. When we see how this astonishing encounter between Mary and the Archangel Gabriel unfolds, we understand better what prayer is. Perhaps the most beautiful thing is to see how the Holy Virgin uses the same words that God just addressed to her through the Angel. When we hear her exclaim “Be-hold the handmaid of the Lord. Let everything be done for me according to your word” How wonderful is God’s mercy at work in our lives!


Quiz night and Fish and Chip supper.

Many thanks to all who supported this event, to the organisers, quiz master, question setters, servers, those who provided raffle prizes and of course those who took part to provide an excellent evening of entertainment. 

Work for your Parish, Work for God!

Help is needed in the following areas.

  • Flower arrangers in Bourne Church.
  • Cleaners in both Bourne and Deeping Churches.
  • People to help with the Children’s Liturgy in both Bourne and Deeping. NB it is not a necessity to have children of your own before you undertake this role.
  • Urgently needed an organist for Deeping Church. If you are a pi-anist who is hiding your light under a bushel, why not let it out to enlighten the whole world!!!

If you can help with any of these tasks please inform Fr Victor and he will put you in touch with the relevant group leader (make sure Fr Victor writes your name & telephone number down !!!!) Also you will be abundantly blessed by God!