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2016 International Evening

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Latest News 2015-09-01

Many appologies for the intermittant service from our site over the last few months - hopefully service has been restored!


The following people have kindly agreed to work for the Parish on the PPC.

Sue Baker, Sue Harrower, Gerald Blacoe, Mike Roberts, Diana Smith

Jake Jacobs, Carol Fuller, Kirk Mallabar, Howard Fuller, Louise Magness

Kay Martin

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is Meeting

This Tuesday 23rd June in Bourne at 7.30pm with Fr. Victor Dakwan in attendance. It is my wish to introduce him to our parish life and in July he will stay with us and celebrate the weekend Masses. I trust the transition will be smooth and that you, my dear parishioners, will continue to support him the way you have supported me over the years.

Deepings Food Bank: Thank you to everyone who has donated food to the Deepings Food Bank. There will an

Open Evening for the Food Bank on Thursday 25th June at 7.30 at the Rugby Club, Deeping St James. There will be talks on Christians Against Poverty and the Lincolnshire Credit Union. Everyone is invited, come and find out more about the Food Bank. Thank you.