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2015-06-20 Father Pat's 25th

Message from Fr. Pat’s Gratitude following his Silver Jubilee Celebrations:

I wish to express my sincere thanks to you and all our parishioners for making the occasion of my 25 Silver Jubilee so heart-moving and special. It was all very unexpected on my part. I didn't realise all the effort going on without my knowledge. I wish to thank every parishioner who sent personal cards with donations attached, but don't have addresses to respond to personally. I also wish to thank every parishioner who contributed so generously to the parish cheque of £700 presented to me; for the Papal Blessing sent from the diocese; the wonderful cake made and decorated by Ann Bostock; all who took part in the catering; to Tim Howe who guided me through the celebration; the choir and altar servers and all who helped in the church in any way; to Searle Clark who set the sentiments for the day on behalf of all the parishioners; Words can not suffice for the spirit of the day. I was deeply moved by the entire occasion. My heartfelt thanks reach out to every individual in both parishes. You have all made me very happy and deeply humbled and grateful. Thank you all and may God bless your generosity to a humble servant.

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